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so this is a thing Empty so this is a thing

Post by the writing squib on Thu Dec 14, 2017 10:17 am

“3:52 A.M”. The alarm clock had read in vibrant, bold letters as a child lay in bed, tossing and turning as they looked to the ceiling as a distraction. The light tap of rain was all that filled the room that night, serving as the only thing accompanying the boy besides his own trail of thought and a slight sense of regret and guilt looming about him, not unlike a shadow. The usual vibrant, glowing stars and moonlight shining through the window were absent as thunder resounded throughout the area. The child didn’t seem fazed--- in fact, he didn’t seem to be ‘feeling’ at all now as he faced the wall. The boy crossed his arms as he tried drowning out the annoying, grating sound of rain tapping against his window. He had been planning this for much longer than just a few days, of course--- why did things have to be so complicated NOW, he had thought to himself, pulling a cover over his head. A small bag lay packed on the desk beside his bed, a jacket poking out of it as the boy sat up, looking around the room. He thought for a moment, a solemn look on his face as he sat silent. Usually, staying up this late wasn’t exactly a chore for him--- it gave him time to think and plan for the following day, at least, and he usually could find some sort of pass time to entertain him before he could drift off.

Laying in the silence was, in a way, therapeutic. Gentle rain continued, contrasting with the occasional thundering booms drifted through the air. Was running away really the obvious choice? Truthfully, the boy had planned to go off on his own for a while now, and he almost wished he didn’t now; there were too many complexities to the whole situation. Maybe it would have been best if he had just left without a second thought. At least then he wouldn’t feel guilty. He wouldn’t have time to. He sighed, hopping to his feet and looking around the room. Digging in his bag, he took out a small stack of money and a Pokeball, stuffing the two objects further inside, under a cover and a loaf of bread. He looked out his window to the intimidating clouds hanging overhead. He thought about it one last time--- he didn’t exactly like his position now; his short height and overall puny stature usually led him to be the outlet for others’ anger. He didn’t like the idea of things staying the way they were; usually, he was seen as a coward, a pushover that could never really fight back against anyone. He wanted to become stronger, or at the very least, be rid of it all if he could. The boy looked to his window, opening it and looking to the streets nearby. The town seemed completely barren, half-dead streetlights flickering and lighting up chipped brick roads. The boy muttered to himself for a moment, a slight sense of worry in his voice before his expression turned blank. “Now’s not the time…” he told himself, sighing as he threw the bag out of the window.

A loud “THUD!” pierced the air all of a sudden as the boy hopped out, landing in a pile of bushes as he got up. Get a rope next time, he reminded himself, rubbing his head as he looked back up to the window. Not the time, he told himself again as he looked to the road, an expression mirroring determination on his face as he started down the path. The look of confidence turned to a bit of a solemn expression after a bit of walking as he sighed, looking to the ground and then to the buildings lining the road. The houses and shops lining the streets looked either worn down or just completely destroyed. The bad parts of town; he was used to it, and maybe that was a good thing. Either way, he had to admit it forced him to be stronger, if only a little. The boy looked to a few arenas for battling nearby, ignoring two thugs using a Krookodile and Gengar respectively. The boy hung around for a moment, looking to the two for but a moment through the half-broken fence before ducking after the Gengar crashed into the fence. Well, through it, anyway, and crashed into the brick road as the thug put on a smug grin, the other groaning and muttering something to the fallen Gengar as the Krookodile crossed its arms, letting out a bellowing laugh as the defeated thug sighed, handing over a small stack of cash and walking off the stand with a defeated look.

Meanwhile, the boy looked back, almost in a state of shock as he took a panicked look back to the spirit--- he had read that Gengar were ghosts that were once human; this one didn’t share the usual overjoyed (and slightly menacing) grin that most of its kind did when with a usually sought-after partner. The boy doubted that it was happy this way, but decided to stay out of the thug’s matters. Not like he belonged in some college dropout’s business, anyway. The boy flinched as the victor of the fight seemed to suddenly appear in his way, gulping and backing up. “Uh, hi.” the boy said, clenching the strap of his bag as the man stood over him. “Hey.” he squinted, looking to the boy and looking around the streets. The boy backed away, glancing to the streets. Nobody to help, it seemed. The other thug seemed to have disappeared. “Say, wanna let me see that bag?” the thug asked, eyes narrowing. Panicked, the boy suddenly reached into his bag, grabbing the Pokeball he had stuffed in there and chucking it at the man’s head. The man let out a yell, groaning as he fell to his knees. “D-Dammit!” the man yelled, looking to the boy and covering his nose, cringing. The boy looked on, panicked. He wanted to move, but all he could do was look on and tremble slightly. The man growled, glaring to the child as he got up, flipping open a switchblade and extending a hand to block the path of his Krookodile. “Big mistake, boy.” the man muttered, standing over the child. A smug grin as he crouched down, pointing the blade towards the boy. “Coulda walked away without a word. Y’had to throw the ball, huh?” he asked, drawing the blade back to slice the boy’s leg. “I’m gonna have fun with this.” the man said, a wide grin. Behind the man, a large mass of energy shifted, features beginning to shape into a gigantic, hulking canine standing over 6 feet tall. The man’s eyes widened as he was lifted off the ground, the Arcanine grabbing the collar of his shirt with her gaping maw. The boy and the canine locked eyes for a moment, the boy stepping back for a moment. “H-hey!” the thug hissed in frustration, waving his knife. “Let me go, or I’ll make sure you both---” the thug shouted, before the hulking dog flung the man into the fence nearby. The Krookodile gasped for a moment, looking to its fallen master and looking back to the Arcanine, pounding both fists together confidently before the Arcanine suddenly turned to it, a steely glare as she stood over it as if challenging it to fight. The Krookodile suddenly stay silent and motionless as the canine turned to the slightly frightened boy.

Flames built in her mouth as she reared her head to the man, seeking confirmation from her current master. The boy realized what she meant, an urgent expression on his face as he waved both hands frantically. “N-no, no!” he said, gulping. “You’ve done enough.” he said, looking to the thug. A nod as she began to walk back in the direction the boy had come from, the boy walking the other way. She looked back to the boy, a puzzled expression as she yipped to get his attention. The child looked back, watching as the Arcanine gestured her head to the house nearby. “N-no.” the boy said, holding his jacket and gulping slightly. The canine’s mane flowed in the wind as she stared to the boy, seeming to be questioning his judgement at this moment. He just looked at her, seeming desperate. “I’m sorry. I can’t go back.” he sighed, looking to the side. The thug was still unconscious; not for long, he figured. He had to make this quick. “I can’t go alone. You saw what happened, and I assume you can tell what would have happened if you didn’t intervene. Come with me, please. We’ll come back soon. I promise.” the boy lied, fingers crossed behind his back as the beast seemed to question his judgement. He was right, she had to admit; he wouldn’t last too long in the wilds by himself. It was only a matter of time before the boy’s clouded judgement would get him into a situation he wouldn’t be able to escape by himself. The Arcanine huffed, looking down and expelling embers from her nostrils. “Mama’ll be fine. Mundy’s there.” he said, referring to the Decidueye he decided against dragging along. The Arcanine sighed, nodding. Not that was any reassurance. “G-good. Thank you.” the boy smiled brightly, embracing the Arcanine for a moment before the two began to walk down the street.

“Now, come on. We need to get moving.” he said, the Arcanine having thoughts about where exactly the boy was planning to lead the two. The boy looked to a large gate blocking off access to the wilds--- the boy always assumed this was just to protect from the potential danger the wilds posed to the town, as unusually strong Pokemon often lurked in the shadows, waiting for an opportune moment to strike unsuspecting prey. Not to mention, the town was secluded. The boy sighed, looking to the gate before glancing to the wall bordering the town, covered with graffiti. “I know a way around.” the boy said, the Arcanine sighing. She figured that this would have stopped the boy by now. He began walking along the wall, coming to a part of it obstructed by a building as he looked to a hole in the wall that looked as if someone had blown through it with a sledgehammer. A worn tarp with a brick pattern on it was draped over the hole effortlessly, not as if it needed to be covered at all. Nobody came back here. The Arcanine gave the boy a questioning look. “Uh, I’ve been out here with some friends once. Some people use this to get around.” he said, the Arcanine reluctantly following the boy. As the two entered the forest, a chill ran down the boy’s spine. He looked down the path, disregarding any doubts he had now as he looked to the sky. In place of pitch-black clouds, a swirl of bright, vibrant colors loomed in the heavens. Countless stars watched over the two, lighting up the otherwise completely black, foreboding vacuum of space. The boy smiled as he looked ahead, looking back to his partner with a bit of optimism. “I know things have been rough so far. That’s why I want to do this.” he said, a slight frown for but a moment. “I-I want to be stronger.” he said, looking ahead to the starlit path ahead, rays of light shining over a dense collection of pine trees. “And no matter what happens, we stick together.” he gave a reassuring, bright smile; one the canine hadn’t seen in a while as she nodded back. “Now let’s go. I don’t think we’ll be seeing this place for a while. Maybe that’s for the best, maybe not, I’ll let Mama know when we get to a town.” he said, a blind eye wandering off to the side as he sighed. “…Maybe.” he said as he turned to walk off. The boy gasped slightly as he was lifted off the ground and onto the Arcanine’s back. “A-ah!” the boy yelped, flailing his legs for a moment before being set on the beast’s back. He smiled slightly, looking down to the canine. “U-uh, thanks.” he said as she began to lazily walk along, swaying with her steps.

yay i might write more just tell me if this is interesting enough for more my peoples
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